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AFC! Moon Kingdom Pre-order Open!

unicorn tapestry 24

This lovely dress was inspired by my favorite moon princesses. It's made out of a lightweight cotton sateen with a rayon lining, so it's very light, comfortable, and great for warmer weather. There’s no zipper but there are pockets in the side seams of the skirt. It features an embroidery of a pegasus flying over a city with a crescent moon, with stars. The star embroidery is also on the sleeves. The large puff sleeves are very flattering on a variety of figures.


Available in Black with Gold embroidery

Moon kingdom black sateen lw013

Moon kingdom black sateen lw0005

Moon kingdom black sateen lw006

Moon kingdom black sateen lw010

Moon kingdom black sateen lw009

Ivory with Gold embroidery

Moon kingdom ivory sateen lw009

Moon kingdom ivory sateen lw008

Moon kingdom ivory sateen lw006

Moon kingdom ivory sateen lw010

or Custom Colored fabric and embroidery. I can pretty much do any color fabric or embroidery you would like. Also, if you would like a different fabric, I can do that as well. I can also do different embroidery motifs. Contact me and let me know what you would like for a quote.


Available in One Size, Two Size, and Custom Size.

One size stretches to about 52” for bust and waist. Waist elastic is approx. 24". Sleeve elastic is approx. 11". Fits down to 31” bust, 24” waist. May fit smaller as well.

Two Size is the same as one size but the elastic is longer. Waist elastic is 32" long, and sleeve elastic is 15".

Custom length elastic is available; justlet me know your measurements or the length you'd like. Skirt is approx. 24" long, and a little under 3 yards wide.

Custom sizing, colors, and lengths are available. Send me a message to discuss these options.


This is a pre-order item. Orders are estimated to begin shipping out 4 weeks after the close of pre-order period. Pre-order period is from September 1st to the end of September 14th 21st. Item is discounted during the pre-order period to $160 from $175. Custom pricing may vary but will also be discounted during the pre-order period. Pre-orders will also receive a free bunny pin. They come in a variety of colors and trims, and a random one will be included in your package. Pictured are some examples:

bunny pin

$160 + shipping if you order between September 1st and September 14th 21st


United States:

$5.70 -- USPS Priority Mail Envelope 1-3 Days
$11.30 -- USPS Priority Mail Box 1-3 Days
$44.95-- USPS Express Mail 1 Day

Everywhere Else:

$23.50 --USPS Priority Mail Envelope 6-10+ Days
$58.65 -- USPS Priority Mail Box 6-10+ Days
$78.25 -- USPS Express Mail 3-5 Days

How to Order

Send a message to ivy@ivyfrozen.com or purchase directly from the etsy listings.

E-mail ivy@ivyfrozen.com with the following form completed:

Moon Kingdom OP
Paypal Address:

Payment only accepted through paypal and items will be shipped to your paypal address.

Or purchase through the etsy listings:



My EGL Feedback, which also links to my etsy feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/917016.html

Additional Worn Photos:

unicorn tapestry 39

unicorn tapestry 40

moon kingdom 7

Variations of this dress worn on different bodies:

Cafe V Murder Mystery Event

in One Size silk/linen blend and 26 " skirt

fashion on the go27

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